Sometimes, when my father would go to the farm, a few of us kids would pile in the back of the truck and go with him to pick berries, swim, or whatever else tickled our fancy for a few hours in that wonderful Newfoundland summer air and sunshine. Sometimes, if there was not much of … More Ripples

To Your Health

Just recently my pastor asked me, and several others, to participate in recording videos for 21 days of Health Hacks — videos that would go on our church’s website and FaceBook page to encourage people who needed hope. I haven’t done mine yet, mostly because my lips have not calmed down yet from an overabundance … More To Your Health


Those of us who live in cities might lose sight of this fact, but everything comes from a seed. Trees come from seed. Flowers come from seed. Potatoes come from seed. Carrots come from seed. Lettuce comes from seed. Tomatoes come from seed. Our sweet puppies and kittens come from seed, as do hens and … More Seeds