He Delights In You

This is a post from Fay Rowe’s, daughter, Gillian Fritzsche. The other day, I was driving in the mid-afternoon to pick up my children from school. I turned a corner and started driving down a small hill. As I drove, I saw a mama pushing a stroller up the hill on the side walk. Her … More He Delights In You

Hearts and Hope

I first wrote about this back in 2009, but today I felt I needed to read it again. For me. I’d been reading Bent Hope; a street journal, by Tim Huff. This book, which tells stories of his encounters with homeless people on the streets of Toronto and elsewhere over a span of twenty years, … More Hearts and Hope

Broken, Not Forsaken

Recently, I watched a Facebook video where John Tesh shared his testimony about talking to his disease about God. It reminded me of one of my own testimonies, and I share it here to encourage you. It is only one example of how God brings healing to those who hope in Him, whether we are … More Broken, Not Forsaken

To See Light

I’ve been enjoying a book of readings based on quotes from some of C.S. Lewis’ best loved writings. While the book has provided many “aha!” moments, I have also had times of something like despair wash over me. That confused me since there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with what I was reading. Now … More To See Light

Papyrus and Pitch

The guest speaker talked about God’s promises. To Abraham the promise was to make him a father of many nations. An impossible promise, because it came when his wife, Sarah, was in her eighties and he was in his nineties. But a miracle happened. They had Isaac. Fast forward a few generation. Abraham’s seed, now … More Papyrus and Pitch

God Sightings

There was a huge wheelhouse built on the platform of the sanctuary because the church was running an evening program for church and neighbourhood kids. The theme of the week long event had to do with ships and pirates. One day the “captain” was talking to the children about God sightings. Referring to different things … More God Sightings


He cried, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?” That was Jesus on the cross, quoting Psalm 22. In this Psalm, David spent some time bemoaning his state. He was in trouble; people were mocking him and his trust in God; he felt weak, physically and emotionally. He cried out to God, saying … More Answered