Luke 19: The Seeker

We get closer to Bethlehem as Christmas Day draws near, and Jesus is getting closer to Jerusalem. In reading through today’s chapter, we can see some of what is on his heart and mind. As he passes through Jericho, Jesus looks up at a man sitting on a branch of a sycamore tree, obviously watching … More Luke 19: The Seeker

Luke 17: Looking Ahead

Can I say that this chapter was a challenge? In previous chapters I have noticed an overriding theme that shed light on some things that have been obscure, to me, at least, in the past. That’s probably why I have enjoyed this journey so much, and enjoyed sharing my “Aha!” moments with you. This one … More Luke 17: Looking Ahead

Luke 15: Priceless

Today’s chapter is very short, and all in red, indicating the words of Jesus. All red, that is, except for the usual prelude about who is listening and learning, and who is listening but not learning a thing. The tax collectors and sinners are listening, presumably to learn. The Pharisees, again, are in a bit … More Luke 15: Priceless

Luke 8: Seeds and Sowers

I find myself wishing this chapter had been separated into several. There is so much happening here. The chapter starts off with something I can’t ignore, even though it is but a pre-script historical tidbit in the narrative Luke is sharing with the excellent Theophilus. It’s about the women. Mary Magdalene, Joanna, the wife of … More Luke 8: Seeds and Sowers