Speaking Salt

These days, I often think about—and sometimes pontificate about—free speech. I probably do the latter too often, too loudly, and too long, but it’s because the older I get, the more I see how its value has deteriorated in many parts of western society. In a time when politicians and online social media sites think … More Speaking Salt

Believing Like Jesus

He had just annoyed the well respected Pharisees by healing a sick man who was lying near the pool called Bethesda located next to the Sheep Gate. Maybe the healing itself could have gotten a pass, but it was the Sabbath, and, adding even more offence to healing on that day, Jesus told the man … More Believing Like Jesus

Gospel Consumers

Years ago, we attended Aldersgate United Methodist Church in College Station Texas. One Sunday, our pastor brought a mannequin to church and sat him on a pew, just to see if anyone would notice. Most of us didn’t. Then he preached a sermon on living together as a community. Pastor Terry Teykel knew how to … More Gospel Consumers

Lunch With Jesus

One morning, long ago, I was reading Jesus’ story as recounted by John. It was near the end where, after the resurrection, Jesus tells Mary Magdalene to go tell the others, “I go to my Father and your Father, my God and your God.”  My first thought was how strange that must have sounded to … More Lunch With Jesus

What is God writing?

The book of Malachi has an interesting story. What has happened is that God’s chosen people have had some troubles, and they have started saying, “It doesn’t make any difference if you honour God or not. The wicked are doing pretty well, and we aren’t. By their actions they tempt God and yet they go free!” … More What is God writing?

This I Know

On a Tuesday evening about ten years ago, I spoke at a Women’s Ministry Banquet at a church here in London. There was a very talented group of girls there to perform—students of the pastor’s wife. The last of their offerings was the simple and simply beautiful Jesus Loves Me. “Jesus loves me, this I … More This I Know

Ebenezer Stone

I first encountered Ebenezer Stone when I was a young school teacher in a small town in Newfoundland, Canada. A church of a different denomination than that which I attended was planning revival meetings, and the pastor asked if I would play the piano for the services. He was an occasional substitute teacher in the … More Ebenezer Stone


It was the week, some years ago, that I vacationed at Disney World with my husband, daughter and son-in-law, and his parents and brother. We had spent most days at one of the Disney parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, etc. It was fun and fabulous. Magical, even! Late every evening, on the shuttle home, … More Carried


Sometimes, when my father would go to the farm, a few of us kids would pile in the back of the truck and go with him to pick berries, swim, or whatever else tickled our fancy for a few hours in that wonderful Newfoundland summer air and sunshine. Sometimes, if there was not much of … More Ripples

Grey Hair and Time

It was ten years ago. I had just read a note from a young writer named Benjamin. Benjamin wasn’t published yet, but I’d heard him read from his manuscript and it was obvious that he’s good. He had a story and a distinct voice, and the heart to get both on paper and out into … More Grey Hair and Time

The Giver

When I was a child I often heard in church, “God is no man’s debtor.” There’s a lot in the Bible to support that statement: The whole sowing and reaping concept found in Corinthians; The “give to the the poor and God will repay” concept found in Proverbs; The “put first the kingdom” teaching in … More The Giver

Time Flies

Originally Posted on August 12, 2010 at 2:03 PM It’s been a long hot summer here in Southern Ontario, my days moving as slow as the season. One of my favourite summertime occupations is dinner on the patio with my husband. Sometimes friends join us for a long, lazy chat, and as we watch the … More Time Flies