Smooth Stones & Promises

“A goldmine.”


Discover the weapons that brought down a giant!

When we face the giants in our lives, we need the same weapons David used when he faced Goliath. The smooth stone that defeated his giant is hidden in a somewhat obscure verse in Psalms. This book will help you discover this treasure.

Honours for this book include:

Finalist, The Word Guild Best New Canadian Author, 2005

Finalist, Word Alive Press Awards 2006

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Truth Chaser’s Map

With background information, scriptural references and reflective questions, this map will enable you to make the journey your own. Perfect for small groups or Christian book clubs, this study companion is arranged to facilitate open and thoughtful discussion. To accompany each chapter it has nine sections, some of which are divided so they can be easily converted into more sessions if necessary.

The New Truth Chasers’ Map

Inside the Book

Would you like to read a sample of the book before buying? Download a peak inside the book from Chapter One. Download a sample from Smooth Stones & Promises here.

What People Are Saying

Lorne Rostotski, Past Director, Faith Christain Fellowship, Canada:
“This book is brilliantly simple, surprisingly deep, and clearly understandable.”

Dr. Norel London, Professor Emeritus, University of Western Ontario:
“I feel privileged and very blessed to have had your manuscript put into my hands. … It is a profound, well documented piece, equal in both its scholarly and spiritual merits. ‘Dog ears’ are used to highlight pages on which I paused for breath because of the profundity of what I was reading.”

Donna Fawcett, Author, the Donna Dawson mystery novels:
“This book blindsided me. It forced me to realize in all truth that I didn’t really believe that God meant for every one of his promises to be fulfilled. I came face to face with the knowledge that I didn’t really understand those promises. I read the book with a growing hunger and walked away from it at the end feeling stuffed to the rafters with a new insight. God meant what he said! This is a book every Christian must read.”

Mary Haskett, Author, Reverend Mother’s Daughter:
“The magnificence of God’s name and all that it means has renewed and encouraged my faith.”

Beth Burdick, Reader:
“A wonderful read; it challenged me. Thank you so much for writing this book!”

Reviewer, The Writer’s Edge:
“The connection with the reader is very effective. The reader is drawn in completely. You have a wonderful piece of insight to share.”