25,000 Mornings

“Rowe makes it easy to love devotions.”
“Like having a conversation with a good friend.”
“Poignant and thoughtful.”
“Rowe imparts wisdom, insight, and hope.”
“Rowe’s down earth style may be just what you are looking for!!”


25,000 Mornings is ancient wisdom for your modern life. And goes perfect with your morning coffee! Kickstart your days with topics like:

– Starting Out and Starting Over
– Believing Words
– Resting on the Rock
– Talking to God
– Never Giving Up
– Being Yourself and Living with People
– Clocks and Calendars

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Inside the Book

Would you like to read a sample of the book before buying? Download a peak inside the book from Chapter One. Download a sample from 25,000 Mornings here.

What People are Saying

J. Roberts, Blogger at www.jroberts00.blogspot.ca:
“Rowe has a way with words and real life; even the fact that the book does not have the days numbered or dates helps the reader to be able to open the book without guilt. I get insight and can still continue my journey with God without the guilt of being selfishly human at times.”

Shelley Bryan, Blogger at All of Me:
I have a renewed faith and focus in the Lord every day while reading 25,000 Mornings.”

Mary Haskett, Author, Reverend Mother’s Daughter:
“There’s a certain slant to these devotionals, pulling the reader in, so instead of reading one a day, the temptation is to keep the pages turning, and then reflect on the sentence at the end.”

Patrick Floyd, Pastor/Blogger at Never On A Sunday:
“Many years ago, I was part of training program provided by hospitals across the nation to either members of the clergy or those studying for the ministry called Clinical Pastoral Education. One of the tools used in each of the 12 week terms was to allow scripture to speak to the relationships and experiences that the student has within the hospital setting. Fay Rowe has applied this technique to her own life and chosen to share it with the rest of us. In doing so, we are allowed to learn and grow.”

Rev. Peter Black, Author, Parables from the Pond:
“In 25,000 Mornings Rowe writes with characteristic freshness and charm, framing her thoughts with penetrating clarity and spiritual perceptiveness, and yet with a hint of playfulness that engages the reader.”