This I Know

On a Tuesday evening about ten years ago, I spoke at a Women’s Ministry Banquet at a church here in London. There was a very talented group of girls there to perform—students of the pastor’s wife. The last of their offerings was the simple and simply beautiful Jesus Loves Me.

“Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong. They are weak, but he is strong.”

I had been nervous, as I always am before a talk, but that song brought such peace! I would have gone, just for that.

As I thought about it when I got home, it reminded me of a blog post I had written some time earlier about how we love Jesus because he first loved us. When I put that together with the thought that when we feel loved we we can more freely love people around us, a thought emerged: What if, when I’m feeling agitated with someone, I just stop and say to myself, “Jesus loves me!” or “My father God loves me!”? Would it have the same effect that little song did? Would it bring peace that would affect my words and action, and affect how I actually feel about that person?

So I tried out my theory. Not that at that point in my life I had many irritants, but there were a few. It didn’t take long for a situation to come up. Instead of going into a mental tirade about them, I stopped and said,”But God loves me!” As I thought about that, I could feel my irritation leave. Focussing on Jesus’ love instead of someone’s words or actions calmed me down and I didn’t feel the need to follow through on my irritation with the kind of nasty retort that comes so easily to me, or even just with negative thoughts.

I write this knowing that in some families the stressing issue is abuse, emotional or physical. I am in no way saying that it should be tolerated, or that my simple solution is the solution. But perhaps the knowledge that you are loved and valued by the God who created you—and that you are loved and valued so much that Jesus would have come to die for you even if you had been just one lost lamb—will give you the peace of mind and heart that will show you your way forward.

May the knowledge of his love be your portion and guide, friend.