Expecting The Supernatural

The women walked to the tomb, just to finish the job they had started three days earlier. Imagine their shock to find Jesus wasn’t there. Stolen? That must have been their first thought. But then the angels. Men in shining clothes, at least. Risen! As he said?

They remembered his words!

Off they went to tell the others.

…Who had their own reaction to the story:

“Their words seemed to them like idle tales, and they did not believe them.”
Luke 24:11

How often do I have that same response to the supernatural? Do I pray for miracles and then only expect them to show up in some very natural happening? Do stories of supernatural answers to prayer make me uncomfortable? Am I reluctant to expect the supernatural in my life?

“Make me more like thee, Jesus. Make me more like thee.”

Yes, indeed.

“But Peter arose and ran to the tomb, and…he saw.”
Luke 24:12