Perfected Love

“By this we know love..” (1 John 2:16).

The beloved disciple and apostle John writes about love a lot, and in a very authoritative way. He walked with Jesus, talked with him, felt very relaxed with him and seems to consider he was special to Jesus. He saw love in action every day. Not just Jesus’ love for John, but Jesus’ love for “the masses” that followed Jesus and looked to him for his wonderful words and for healing. Masses whose names John never knew.

Both of my pastors are talking about love recently, and will continue over the next while. Pastor Cheryl said something on Sunday that intrigued me. In referring to 1 John 4:9-18, she said that God’s love for us — although already perfect in and of itself — manifested in the life, death, and ressurection of Jesus. Until that happened, his love was not satisfied, not perfected and brought to its desired end, the redemption of the lost ones. Redemption of the beloved.

And that’s the thing about love: it wants to do something for the beloved. Wants to bless the beloved. Wants to be with the beloved. Wants to care for the beloved.

What a thought!

God still loves you and me and he still wants his love to be known, felt, seen…by us! Still wants us to experience it in every way possible.

Today, think about what that means for you!