Cherished Is The Word

How wonderful to be cherished by someone!

To be held dear. To be treated with love and affection. To be kept deeply in someone’s mind. All of those, Mr. Webster says, is the result of being cherished.


Ephesians tells husbands to cherish their wives. In saying that the husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the church, it tells me that Christ holds the church dear, treats her with love and affection, and keeps her deeply within his mind. He made it obvious. Christ GAVE HIMSELF for her, the church, in ways that we probably don’t yet comprehend, and it didn’t stop there. He still is involved in her care.

“Every man cherishes his own body and cares for it” it said. It went on to tell me that, just like that, Jesus cherishes his own body and cares for it.

When I thought about how we provide for our own body so that it may be well fed, warm, sheltered, and well protected; and when I thought about how much care we take when we are sick, diseased, or hurting in any way; how much thought we give to getting healed; and how much research we will do; how much change of habit we’re willing to endure; how much money we are willing to spend, I was amazed!

Apparently, in that we’re like Jesus!

Today, think about what being cherished by Jesus looks like.