Nice Jewish Boy

Still talking about love! God’s intention, at least part of the end game of God’s love perfected in us, is that we give it out. Like he does. Nothing that I say on this blog should be contrued as “God’s love ends with me.” God loves me as much as he does anyone else; of … More Nice Jewish Boy

Perfected Love

“By this we know love..” (1 John 2:16). The beloved disciple and apostle John writes about love a lot, and in a very authoritative way. He walked with Jesus, talked with him, felt very relaxed with him and seems to consider he was special to Jesus. He saw love in action every day. Not just … More Perfected Love

Secret Love

I speak from a woman’s perspective, undeniably, but remember when you were in love in grade school? Remember the furtive looks, the notes to your friends about the heart throb du jour, the deliberate manipulation of desk arrangements and lunch time activities? And all those phone calls with your BFF where all you talk about … More Secret Love