I Love Ya, Tomorrow!

“The sun will come out, tomorrow! Betcha bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun!”

Most of us remember Little Orphan Annie’s delightful performance of this song in the titular musical. Even though this little actress, Aileen Quinn, knew the outcome of the whole story, she was certainly “in the moment” when she sang this proclamation.

Annie-and-Dog-200x300I’m told that actors are instructed not to “act to the end of the scene”. This means they are to stay in the moment of the action, even though they know the outcome.

That reminds me of Jesus’ direction to us in Matthew 6:30-34: “Don’t take thought of tomorrow, for tomorrow will take thought for the things of itself.”

Now, obviously, he doesn’t mean “don’t plan for the future” because one component of Godly wisdom is prudence. Prudence sees ahead and plans. So maybe he is saying, “Don’t live in the future; live in today.”

Don’t take tomorrow’s unknown problems into today, and don’t look to the future for your joys.

If you live in tomorrow it will make you miss out on the blessings before you right now. Today God loads you with blessings; so let your stance be one of thankfulness, one which sees his hand at work this moment. One that sees his fingerprints on your present, as well as on your past, and that expects it in the future.

God will be your provider and protector in the future as he is today; he knows all you have need of and is well able to take care of you.

Tomorrow holds glory, to be sure, and to look forward to it with joyful anticipation is right and good. But today is the day of salvation!

Let’s enjoy it!