Luke 8: Seeds and Sowers

I find myself wishing this chapter had been separated into several. There is so much happening here. The chapter starts off with something I can’t ignore, even though it is but a pre-script historical tidbit in the narrative Luke is sharing with the excellent Theophilus. It’s about the women. Mary Magdalene, Joanna, the wife of … More Luke 8: Seeds and Sowers

Luke 6: Jesus the Rebel?

Are you still on the “after Bethlehem” journey with Jesus? And, is it just me, or is Jesus looking like a bit of a rebel right now? I’m wondering if I would have been quite comfortable being on the road with him, especially on the Sabbath. He seemed bound and determined to stir up trouble, … More Luke 6: Jesus the Rebel?

Luke 5: The Beginning

This chapter starts with the heading “The Calling of the First Disciples”. Until now, Jesus traveled and ministered alone (which, oddly, I hadn’t noticed before today). Some of the men he eventually called might have been in the crowds that were constantly searching him out “to hear the word of God”. Certainly, living in or … More Luke 5: The Beginning